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top-gridCollector Dropbook

The ultimate place
to store your
favorite sports

Now there's a place your NFTs can call home. Earn rewards for completing all the tiers and achieve the status of a mythical collector by completing all the dropbooks!


how does it work? simple.

You have 5 different sections on each dropbook and each section is designed to hold NFTs of a specific rarity tier. To complete the whole dropbook you must add the corresponding NFT to each tier, locking it to its place.

Rewards are earned by reaching various milestones, but also by completing every section of the dropbook. Those who complete it all will have access to the ultimate reward.


The more you add
The more you win

Dropbooks info backgroundAdd moments to your dropbook

Add moments to
your dropbook

Add NFT moments you already own or purchase NFTs you are still missing directly from the dropbook page.

Dropbooks info backgroundLock and load

Lock and load

Lock your NFTs, complete every dropbook section and progress in your collection. NFTs locked in dropbooks can still be used to build your decks on Organya.

Dropbooks info backgroundFirst pack revenue share

Collect the

Earn rewards by progressing on each section and boost your final prize by completing them all.


three different states.

You can check if you have your moments available to add by looking at the placeholder image state as well as the button below each image.

There are three different states that represent the availability of your moment:

1 - When you don't have the moment, you can click on the button below the NFT image and purchase it on our marketplace.

2 - If you already own that specific NFT, you can add it to your dropbook by clicking on the green button (this action will lock your NFT until the mentioned date).

3 - After adding and locking your NFT, you are set and ready to continue your collector journey.

manage your progress.

You can manage your completion progress by looking at the general progress bar presented in the main screen of the dropbook, as well as the dedicated tab for your progress on each section.

Progress bars have 3 types of states:

- Yet to complete;

- Completed with rewards yet to claim;

- Completed and rewards claimed.

Don't forget to claim your rewards when the bar turns purple! When all the rewards of one dropbook section are claimed, the bar will be totally filled and will remain with the original color of that section rarity.

Add 14 Special Moments to complete this level.
The level 1, which requires 20 Special Moments, is complete.
The level 1, which requires 20 Special Moments, is complete.

What about the

Now we're talking! The rewards vary from $FEVR tokens, special allowlist tickets or all of them! All rewards are complemented with XP (experience points) which will contribute towards your collector profile level increasing. The highest your level, the more respected of a collector you will be! More information coming soon!

Meanwhile, waste no time and start completing your dropbooks now!

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