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Júlio César

  • First Edition Drop
  • Trophy Season
  • First RealFevr Moment
Save · CS Marítimo vs SL Benfica · Liga Portugal · 2014/15

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5500 $FEVR
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Goalkeeper Damage8

Special Abilities

Fortify S2
Personal Info
  1. Position: Goalkeeper
  2. Nationality: Brazil
Collectible Info
  1. Competition: Liga Portugal
  2. Team: SL Benfica
  3. Date: 2015-01-18
  4. Jersey: 20

It’s not easy to find the words to explain this save from Júlio César. Danilo Pereira’s shot seemed unstoppable, but the Brazilian goalkeeper seemed to expand his tall frame, and with his fingertips, made one of the best saves of his career. And he’s made plenty of them. Maybe you’ve got the right words for this stunner.

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