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top-gridTickets System

Step 1
Choose your battle

Tickets grant access to Organya competitive modes: Playoffs, Survival, and Arenas.

Pick your mode, check if it needs a ticket, and grab the right one at our shop.

Tickets System
Tickets System
Step 2
Choose your ticket

After picking the mode you want to play, grab the corresponding ticket at our shop. Each mode has its own ticket.

Currently, there are 3 types of tickets: FEVR Tickets. BNB Tickets and ETH Tickets. Choose the one that you like the most depending on the game mode you want to play.

Step 3
Battle and Triumph

In order to use your newly purchased tickets, you need to deposit them on the corresponding game mode before heading to the game. You can deposit them right after buying using the deposit popup.

Don’t forget to use your tickets before they expire! You can check the expiration date of your tickets on the ticket shop.

Armed with your ticket, jump into thrilling battles. The winner takes it all!

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Tickets System
Tickets System
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