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top-gridHow to setup your account

Create an account
Step 1
Create Your Organya Account

Head over to on your desktop and establish your account, using either a Web3 Wallet or your email account, or even familiar platforms like Facebook, Discord, and Google.

Set up profile
Step 2
Download & Install Organya

With your Organya account in place, you're set to begin. Download the game, install it, and retrieve the required login code from within the game.

Once logged in, you'll find your login code here.

Download the game
Step 3
Complete the Tutorial

Prioritize the basics! To become a good leader, it's essential to grasp the fundamentals of our game. Finish the tutorial to ensure you're fully prepared to commence.

Complete the tutorial
Step 4
Construct / Build Your Starter Deck

Upon completing the tutorial, assemble your strongest players into a team, ready to lead the charge. Explore the Marketplace, secure your favorite players, and craft personalized decks to engage other players in combat.

Construct / Build Your Starter Deck
Construct / Build Your Starter Deck
Step 5

Prepared? Set. Battle! Go up against fellow players in ranked matches, and participate in tournaments to contend for the ultimate prize

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