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top-gridGame Modes

Organya Game Modes

In "Battles"you can find both free game modes and the ticket-to-play Arenas. You get XP that will count towards your ranking on the Leaderboard for playing in all of the game modes.

In Practice you'll play against the A.I. The bot opponent will always have the same deck power as yours. For first time players, it's the perfect way to understand the game mechanics.

The Free-For-All game mode, as the name suggests, is available for everyone for free. It's a way to test your deck against other players, who may have weaker or stronger decks than you.

Organya Game Modes

The Arenas are the game mode in "Battles" where you get token rewards. You deposit a ticket to enter, which can be purchased on our website. You"ll always be paired against players using the same deck power as yours.

  • FEVR Battle offers the winners rewards in $FEVR tokens, the native token of the RealFevr ecosystem.
  • BNB Battle offers rewards in BNB, the native token of the BNB chain.
  • ETH Battle offers rewards in ETH, the native token of the Ethereum chain.

The specific Arena where the battle takes place in any Game Mode is random. Battle in the mystical Queen's Quarters directly under Amara's watchful gaze, embrace the off the grid feel of the Jungle or face the harsh environment of the Javari Wasteland!

Organya Playofss

The game mode where the more wins you secure, the more rewards you will win! A single loss breaks your streak but grants you the reward of your last win. You can rejoin as many times as you want before the deadline by depositing new entry tickets.

Organya Game Modes

The ultimate mode for the ultimate champions. Tournaments are events hosted at specific times where players compete against each other in a typical tournament/championship structure. The more participants register, the higher the potential reward for the ultimate victory.

Organya Playoffs