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How to collect


In order to buy the FEVR token, you need the MetaMask browser extension that allows you to communicate with the blockchain (web3).

If you already have MetaMask installed, please skip STEP 1, and if you are already connected to BNB Chain, skip STEP 2.

  • $FEVR is a BEP20 token that can be used through MetaMask. To acquire and use the token you have to “be your own bank” and manage the coins yourself. That’s what decentralization is all about, right?

    1. First, go to and click "Download Now" to install the MetaMask Browser extension.
    2. Once MetaMask is installed, create a new wallet. You can create as many wallets (addresses) as you wish.
    3. Please don’t forget to write down and keep a physical copy of your seed phrase, because you need this if you ever lose access to your wallet, or if you need to set up MetaMask on alternative devices.
  • Once you have the MetaMask browser extension installed, you have to switch from the default network (Ethereum) to BNB Chain. Let’s dig into the phases on how to do it.

    1. Open MetaMask by clicking on the fox icon. You’ll notice a dropdown tab called “Ethereum Network”.
    2. Click on the “Main Ethereum Network” at the top and select custom RPC.
    3. Add the details below and don’t forget to save!

      Network Name: BNB Chain
      New RPC URL:
      ChainID: 0x38
      Symbol: BNB
      Block Explorer URL:
    4. Congrats! You now have a BNB Chain MetaMask wallet.
  • Next, you need to fund your wallet with BNB, which we are going to use later to buy $FEVR. There are many ways to do this, the easiest is on

    1. Create an account at the Binance exchange.
    2. Once you are logged in, you should add funds to your account.
    3. Then, you need to convert your funds, either FIAT or Crypto, to BNB.
    4. Now with BNB in your wallet, it’s time to withdraw it.
  • After acquiring BNB you should send it to your own MetaMask wallet (address).

    1. First, copy the address from MetaMask. It’s easy, just hover your mouse over the address (you can name it), and click on “Copy”.
    2. At go to the Withdraw page and select the currency you want to withdraw. In this case, BNB.
    3. Paste the address you want to send the BNB to and select the BEP-20 network. Make sure you’ve all the right information, so you don’t lose your funds.
    4. Lastly, type the amount and click “send”. You should see your MetaMask wallet balance updating in a few minutes. Be patient since the network is sometimes congested.
  • Now that you have BNB on your MetaMask wallet, you are finally able to buy some $FEVR at PancakeSwap.

    1. First, go to and connect your MetaMask to the website. Make sure you have selected the “BNB Chain” Network. If you’re unsure, please see STEP 2 - Connect to BNB Chain.
    2. 5.2 Go to “Trade” on the left menu and then click on “Exchange”.
    3. Type the total amount of BNB you want to use, select $FEVR as the second token and click on “Swap”.
    4. If you can’t find $FEVR as the second token, you must manually add its contract 0x82030CDBD9e4B7c5bb0b811A61DA6360D69449cc.
    5. Once MetaMask pops-up, approve the transaction by clicking on “Confirm”. If MetaMask does not pop-up, open the browser extension and you should see a transaction waiting for your confirmation.
    6. If there is an error, please adjust your “Slippage”. In order to do that follow these next steps:
      1. Click on “Settings” at the top of the “Exchange” page. The icon looks like.
      2. Adjust your Slippage to > 20.0% (above twenty percent).
      3. Close the window.
    7. After the transaction is complete, you’re a proud owner of $FEVR.


After buying some $FEVR you are ready to buy packs on each Organya drop and start your own collection of everlasting football moments.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a football fan, a collector or an investor.

The opportunity to own a timeless collectible is for everyone, and you shouldn’t miss it.

    1. First, access Organya’s Packs page, to know which packs are available, their characteristics and which collectibles they include.
    2. Next, click on “Connect Wallet” on the top right corner of the website. If you’re unsure how to set up your MetaMask, please revert back to STEP 2 on “How To Buy $FEVR”.
    3. Once you’re connected, scroll down the page until you see each pack type. Select the one that suits your preferences and click on “Buy”.
    4. Select the number of packs you want to buy, check that the price is right, click on “Buy” and confirm the purchase by clicking on “Confirm”. Once MetaMask pops-up, also click on “Confirm”, but pay attention to the fees.
    5. After the transaction is confirmed you’ll see a screen confirming that you have a new pack or packs. Then, you can either click to see the transaction on BSCscan, or you can go to your collection in order to open the pack(s).

    Your first step to be a football digital collector is taken, there is just a small leap to everlasting eternity, which is to open your pack(s) and see your own and unique NFTs!


Last but not least, here you learn how you can become the football video NFTs GOAT collector.

As you already have $FEVR and collectibles, you can now build up your collection by purchasing moments from other fans.

Let's now dive into the Marketplace and discuss how to buy and sell NFTs.

    1. To start, go to Organya's Marketplace page and find out what moments are for sale. You can scroll down until you see a football moment that catches your eye, or you can use the filters to search for your favorite players.
    2. When you pick a collectible that you are interested in, click on "Buy". A box will appear with your moment and you only need to click on "Buy Now".
    3. Complete the purchase by clicking "Confirm" and then you'll need to confirm two transactions.
      1. The first transaction is to approve Organya's Marketplace. Once MetaMask pops up, also click on "Confirm". We recommend the gas price to be 5 gwei on every transaction with MetaMask.
      2. The second transaction is to confirm the purchase. After the first transaction is confirmed, a new MetaMask pop-up window appears. Click on "Confirm" as well.
    4. After the transaction is confirmed, you'll see a pop-up confirming that you have a new moment. Here, you can click to see the transaction on BSCscan, or you can go to your collection in order to see the moment.
    1. Once you're happy with the moments purchases, you can go to your collection by clicking on My Collection.
    2. In the My Collection area, you can open packs, mint, and watch your favorite football moments.
    3. To mint a moment and add it to your MetaMask wallet address, just click on "Mint". Please click on "Confirm" once the MetaMask transaction pops up and it's done.
    4. To see the NFTs in your MetaMask, click on "Add Token", paste this address "0x618dcd507d1dcedaed7df0df54728326fd33d22e" on the Contract Address, add "0" on the Token Decimal. After this you will have a representative token called "BEP721" that represents your NFTs.
    5. To view the moment and all its details, you must click on the cube itself.
    1. To sell a moment, it has to be minted before. Then, click on "Sell", set up a price in BNB and click on "Confirm".
    2. You'll see another confirmation screen with the sale details. Just click on "Yes".
    3. Once again, you'll need to confirm two transactions.
      1. The first transaction is to approve Organya's Marketplace to spend tokens for you. Once MetaMask pops up, also click on "Confirm", but pay attention to the fees.
      2. The second transaction is to confirm the purchase. After the first transaction is confirmed, a new MetaMask pop-up appears. Click on "Confirm" one last time.
    4. Once the moment is bought by another fan, you'll receive the amount minus the Marketplace fees directly in your MetaMask wallet.

    After buying $FEVR, acquiring packs, and trading moments in the Marketplace, you are definitely and everlastingly ready to be part of the Organya crew! #JoinTheFEVR